Data-driven compliance solution

Echo enables organizations to maintain a culture of compliance without adversely impacting their overall business operations and processes.

Global visibility, better collaboration

Collect information at the drop of a hat, and ensure that decision-makers have immediate visibility into compliance statuses of factories, offices and supplier locations around the world at all times.


Improve transparency, trust, and relationships with service providers, suppliers, and factories while reducing the cost of audit administration.


Identify risks from audit results with our advanced scoring framework, and take action to quickly address issues across the supply chain.


Enhance compliance and performance of the extended supply chain, and gain enterprise-wide visibility into risks for timely resolutions.

Superior features

Enhance your compliance programs with features that provide stunning operational insight and help automate your entire sourcing and management process.

Make sense of captured data with interactive dashboards that provide unprecedented data interpretation and analysis -- enabling more effective and efficient decision making.
Echo's reporting tool provides immediate visibility into compliance status by sharing critical data in real time and greatly improving transparency by bolstering collaboration and communication.
Enable precision and consistency by optimizing business processes. Reduce the risk of costly fines, penalties, and delays with automated tasks, due dates, reminders, and alerts.
Pre-configured audit templates reduce human error by using rules to enforce data integrity, and ensure accuracy and adherence to regulations by eliminating missing or incomplete data.
Web-based drag and drop tools allow business users to manage any type of audit, survey, or assessment forms. Define rules and calculation so that risks are easily identified from audit results.

Respond to changing compliance regulations at lightning speed

Whether it is your supply chain or internal audits, our innovative platform enables you to stay ahead and take control.

Promote Social Compliance and Responsibility

Provide instant visibility into global initiatives, align corporate values with consumers, and empower your brand(s).

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SA8000: Social Accountability
  • Workplace Conditions Assessment
  • Ethical Trading
  • Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • Importer Security Filing (10 +2)
  • Conflict Minerals
  • California Air Resource Board

Why Echo

Extremely flexible, rapid deployment capability, and highly adaptable to business requirements.

Easy to adopt

You decide what departments, locations, or groups of users to start with, and scale up—or down—based on the needs of your business.

Cost efficient

Echo costs a fraction of other solutions because we provide you with a highly adaptable platform without the need for IT departments, engineers, or equipment.

Grows with your needs

By empowering you to manage what needs to be captured and how results should be prioritized and communicated, Echo provides the dexterity to solve tomorrow's problems, today.